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Magnesium Photoengraving Etching Plate

Magnesium photoengraving plate, come into the market in 1990’, was appreciated by its advantage. And then, the magnesium etching plate was adopt in some upscale and welcomed widely while the packing and painting industry developed soon. Recent years, also for magnesium photoengraving plate, due to the district requirement of environment and the heavy competitive, the down steam company have a higher requirement on the quality of the metal mould, so the magnesium photoengraving plate occupied the market a large part day by day, the quantity consumed by and the different application found out were growth rapidly. General trends, magnesiumetching plate would replace the market of Brass and Zinc plate in the near future.

Magnezyum Baskı KlişesiMagnesium photoengraving plate is lightest between Brass and Zinc plate. Therefor the magnesium engraving plate is better to be pasted and stamped.

Magnesium engraving plate is easier to be etched with a highest speed between Brass and Zinc engraving plate. Normally magnesium engraving plate is to be etched in 1 mm deepth within 7 minutes.

Magnesium photoengraving plate is a good metal material to be CNC engraved. Magnesium is a kind of better machining ability and has a better performance in machining than Brass and copper.

It is a bottle-neck and great problem for the preparation technology of the magnesium engraving plate that magnesium has a lower melt point and positive chemical property. Magnesium is of close packed hexagonal structure and seldom slip system in lattice structure, so the deformability is bad in normal indoor temperature.

Multiple rolling in equal crystal angle is essential for making the high quality wrought magnesium engraving plate, these improve the cost of the magnesium plate, so these are the reason why the magnesium engraving plate could not be popularized in world.

Magnezyum KlişeMagnesium engraving plate has some advantage that the specific gravity is small, can heat conducting fast, has a high strength of surface, easy to be etched with a high speed, and no deformation and a long lasting in stamping. The shoulder of the picture etched out in the magnesium photoengraving plate were smooth, continue and flashing.

The magnesium engraving plate has great advantage as the metal material for etching, it has find many application such as painting, packing, stamping, letter press…….

In paper packing industry, magnesium photoengraving plate is used as the mould of stamping and embossing. As magnesium engraving plate has a lighter weight, it is easy to be transfer, installed, pasted. The magnesium plate has a little ratio of specific heat, this could transfer the heat faster and make out a bright, sophisticated, and perfect appearance.

Especially, a higher speed in embossing process can be got by adopting magnesium photoengraving plate instead of Brass and Zinc engraving plate, also can get a 20% more productivity, so we can save some cost.

The magnesium engraving plate of a large breadth could be etched to a perfect embossing mould of different depth, fined lines, and multiple arrangement. The kind of mould of magnesium photoengraving plate are widely used in liquor packing, cake packing, drink packing, book, cosmetic and so on.

The magnesium plate has a little ratio of specific heat, so it has a fast speed of warming-up and cooling, in the process of stamping and embossing, magnesium engraving plate could transfer the heat out rapidly via the pattern of heat exchange in a very short time while meeting, then the temperature of the magnesium photoengraving plate will go down soon meanwhile the bloated volume became shrinkage, the magnesium plate will go back the normal volume and no deformation happened.

Magnezyum Klişe 2The grain size of magnesium photoengraving plate is rolled enough to 5 um 99%, the inner organization is stable and uniform, so the magnesium engraving plate could be etched rapidly and in a equal speed in the solution of Nitric acid.

In the magnesium engraving plate etching machine, a lot of heat was burn out fast and some yellow gas appear if the temperature was so high while working. The heat coming was from the chemical reaction of the magnesium plate and the Nitric acid, the yellow gas is some kind of oxide of Nitric. The yellow gas and the coming heat should be blow out of the box, and a more high efficiency cooling system should be adopted.

Magnesium photoengraving plate, has no impurity in the plate etched, an continue and compact oxidation will come into being on the surface of the magnesium plate, to prevent the inner magnesium from oxidation continually. Then no etch and reaction of primary cell will occur in the air in the future, the shine of the surface of the magnesium engraving plate will remain.

The speed of etching on magnesium photoengraving plate is 1 mm depth per 7 minute normally, and will go down while more and more magnesium etching plate was etched in the solution, of course the etching ability goes down at the same time. So you could add some Nitric acid and little additives into the solution. Yinhe magnesium photoengraving plate has a better ability of being etched deeply, it will spend 40 minutes to etch the magnesium plate into 8 mm depth, the sidewall is continue and smooth, the shoulder is regular, the bottom is union depth and no impurity appearance.

We could provide the following magnesium engraving plate with coating:

Thickness: 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 6.35, 7.0mm

The technology of etching magnesium engraving plate is similar with that of Zinc engraving plate.

We here provide a term of parameter as below, please adjust in your local facility according your machine, your conditional temperature and water to get a better parameter.

40 L machine: 7 L Nitric acid (68Be), 1.5 L magnesium etch additive, 31.5 L water, temperature 28-30°C, 475r/m.

80 L machine: 14 L Nitric acid (68Be), 3 L magnesium etch additive, 63 L water, temperature 28-30°C, 475r/m.

Note: Please adjust the parameter according the breadth and depth of magnesium engraving plate to be etched.

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