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Magnesium CNC Engraving Plate

Magnesium CNC engraving plate has good carving processing performance. Because of its outstanding characteristics of magnesium plate engraving of low density,high specific stiffness, good damping property, environment friendly and no pollution,Recyclable good performance, known as the twenty-first Century green metal structure material.

Magnezyum Talasli Kaldırma Kalıp Plakası

The magnesium CNC engraving plate and mechanical processing of parts, in national defense, aerospace, electronic communication, rail transportation, medical equipment, printing plate, magnesium board carving mold and other fields, and has wide application prospect.

Magnesium CNC engraving plate as a kind of excellent metal material processing machinery andcarving, has the following characteristics:

Cutting energy consumption with magnesium CNC engraving plate  into 1, then 2.3 to 1.8 brass,aluminum, iron is 3.5; the cutting inertia is small it magnesium plate, can realize high speed cutting.

Magnesium CNC engraving plate, dimensional stability, not easy to change with temperature.

Non magnetic metal magnesium, magnesium plate shielding electromagnetic, strong anti-interference ability.

Magnesium has excellent damping properties, good damping.

Engraving magnesium board high specific stiffness. Magnesium the proportion of small,light weight.

Magnesium rich reserves of resources, recycling use.

Magnesium is widely exists in the nature, the magnesium CNC engraving plate can be naturally decomposed into magnesium salt, no harm to soil and water.

Magnesium CNC engraving plate adopts the carving process of high speed cutting, has the following characteristics:

The feed speed engraving cutter can be improved more than 6 times; material removal rate can be increased by 5-6 times;

Magnesium aluminum plate surface roughness is greatly increased, up to 10 μ m

Generally, carving cutting resistance magnesium plate to reduce the 1/3;

Magnesium CNC engraving plate after hot deformation is low, can limit the work hardening;

Engraving tool durability increased nearly one times;

Magnesium CNC engraving plate processing time can be significantly reduced, directly led to reduced processing cost;

Cutting resistance magnesium plate of small, good thermal conductivity, heat quickly, so the cutting speed is very fast, very few sticky knife. Engraving and cutting tool life is long,and shortens the required tool replacement in the carving process downtime.

The chip formation in magnesium board carving process, associated with the shape of parts, alloy composition, feed speed and other factors. Because magnesium CNC engraving plate cutting, the chip integrity, continuous, general situation next finishing can meet the requirements of the carving surface roughness.

In the carving and the machining process, the magnesium panel rarely occurs because the cold deformation caused by twisting or warping. But the engraving tool feed speed,tool dull, and in carving processing tool pause, possibly caused by the deformation of magnesium sheet after carving. Due to the low thermal capacity, high specific heat of magnesium, therefore, good thermal conductivity, friction occurs by engraving tool and workpiece in magnesium alloy and heat generation, can spread quickly, so magnesium CNC engraving plate carving process, generally does not produce high temperature. But in the high speed and high feed rate conditions, because the magnesium plate local overheating,may occur magnesium board twist, deformation.

The magnesium CNC engraving processing parts with high dimension tolerance requirement, should fully consider the coefficient and various processing parameters, conditions of magnesium plate thermal expansion set, take appropriate measures, minimize the magnesium plate size error caused by volume expansion. Magnesium thermal expansion coefficient is slightly higher than that of aluminum.

Several groups of experimental data from magnesium CNC engraving mold, Carving plastic mold, board size is 5x275x330mm, the initial CNC engraving, carving copper,need 10 hours; 6 hours with CNC engraving magnesium board plastic mold.

The plastic drop experiment, die size is 6x130x130mm, copper mold, heating time of 30 seconds, the release time of 35 seconds; magnesium plate CNC engraving of plastic mold,heating time of 12 seconds, the release time of 15 seconds.

Burning experiment, copper mold burning, carbon deposition, and can not be used, must be polished, it again after plating; magnesium plate engraved plastic mold had burned 5 times, can still be used normally.

The service life of die, copper, used about 20000 times, carbon deposition over burning,need treatment after use; magnesium CNC engraving plate mold, continuous use 100000 times, still bright as new, the frog is the magnesium CNC engraving plate mold, plastic drop, yield 100000 times.

Magnesium plate engraved plastic mod and the sole mold, has obvious advantages,magnesium plate CNC engraving speed rapidly, non stick knives, knife easily continue, fast heating,fast demoulding, light weight, not afraid of burning. Mould magnesium plate burning, nocarbon formation, does not affect the use, without treatment.

In order to reduce the deformation produced magnesium CNC engraving plate carving process, can consider to be processing process is divided into two stages, in the roughing stage, cut off most removal. The magnesium alloy frame, thin wall parts, can take the damping method to reduce the deformation caused by magnesium plate vibration. The carving of the semi-finished parts of artificial aging or heat treatment, so as to reduce the components stress, deformation of magnesium CNC engraving plate reduced. The reasonable design of geometric parameters on the magnesium CNC engraving plate,such as a big rake angle, reduce the flank wear, keep the carving knife sharp, effectively reduce the cutting force, in order to reduce the deformation magnesium board carving process occurs in the.

Tool for magnesium CNC engraving processing, magnesium according to capacity ratio low, small cutting force characteristics, the tool design, should be considered a small angle, large angle, large walk chip space.

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