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Magnesium Extrusion

Magnesium alloy extrusion processing method is making the magnesium billet filling in the loading container of extrusion after preheating up the billet, then extrude the magnesium billet out through the module.Magnesium Extrusion

Because the magnesium densely six-party body structure, the magnesium deformation is too difficult. So in the beginning of magnesium alloy profiles extrusion, the billet should have the heat treatment process.

The magnesium extruded profiles extrusion speed and mould shape design, are very important to the profiles extrusion process, it is a system engineering project.

Because magnesium alloy extrusion profiles is not easy to be straightened, you must pay particular attention to the straightening work, no matter backward magnesium extruded profiles extrusion machine or traction type magnesium extrusion equipment.

Magnezyum EktrüzyonMagnesium alloy extrusion profiles is widely useful in many areas, such as gun muzzles, magnesium skeleton of heart, structure frame. Magnesium profiles extrusion plasticity and ductility is higher than magnesium alloy casting products. And product cost is less than magnesium sheet.

For some magnesium extrusion profiles with irregular section, as well as having certain requirements to strength and toughness, unlimited extension in shape, extrusion profiles processing technology is the best choice.

Magnesium alloy extrusion profiles also need the technology of surface treatment, welding, and bending, to support the more wide application in the future.

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